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Dr David Llewellyn will serve Ballan District Health and Care for another five years
Dr David Llewellyn will serve Ballan District Health and Care for another five years

By Jessica Howard

Doctor David Llewellyn will continue to serve the Ballan community for another five years.

The general practitioner started his full-time position at Ballan District Health and Care in 2012 after working part-time for a period of 18-months.

A doctor for three decades, Dr Llewellyn started his medical journey as a student at Monash University in Melbourne. He spent his post-grad year in Ballarat, followed by Shepparton and Bendigo.

He later moved on to the North Coast of New South Wales, where he spent 11-years working in procedural obstetrics and general practice.
“I would have delivered around 150 babies per year up there,” he said.

“I was the head of obstetrics and I really did enjoy it, however my parents became unwell, so I moved back to Ballarat to be useful. It wasn’t a simple decision to move, but it was definitely the correct one”.

Dr Llewellyn took on a position at Eureka Medical Centre in Ballarat, before moving to a part time role at Ballan District Health and Care.
“I knew BDH&C had enormous potential,” he said.

“This place is forever growing and you just have to look around to know that. We’ve got a new hospital block, new allied health services and the new hydro pool, among other things.

“This establishment is enormous and is predominately community funded, which shows how much the community wants it to be here”.

By 2022, Dr Llewellyn will have served the Ballan community for a decade. He said it was easy to stay in a community that he enjoyed.

“Medical professionals often jump around, and five to ten years at the one practice can be unusual, but I am both personally and professionally happy here,” he said.
“Ballan has a really good atmosphere, the people I work with and the patients I look after are likeable, they make you feel relevant, and that really makes a difference.

“BDH&C is also a very contemporary establishment that will only continue to get better over time. It’s a really nice place to be and I like to think that I go home and feel satisfied that I have been, and will continue to be, useful to the community”.