Home Crime Illegal slingshots seized at Ballan Night Market

Illegal slingshots seized at Ballan Night Market


By Jessica Howard

A man selling sling shots illegally at a Ballan night market could face up to two years’ imprisonment.

Ballan Police discovered the sale of the prohibited weapons during a patrol of the night markets on Friday December 15.

The items were retailed at $5 to $25 each.

Ballan Officer in Charge, Sergeant Michael Kearnes said commercially manufactured slingshots are described as prohibited weapons under the Control of Weapons Act.

“Other items described as prohibited weapons include daggers, swords, extendable batons, crossbows and nun chaku, to list a few,” he said   

“It is an offence for a person to bring into Victoria, cause to be brought into or sent into Victoria, manufacture, display or advertise for sale a prohibited weapon without an exemption”.

Penalties can range from a fine of more than $38,000 to two years’ imprisonment.

Sergeant Kearnes said the offence can be committed by both the person selling and purchasing the item, if neither have an exemption.

“These items can be dangerous in the wrong hands,” he said.

“The propensity for harm from these types of weapons is very real.  In this particular circumstance, police will allege they were on public display for sale and readily being viewed and even picked up for inspection by children”.

The 65-year-old man was interviewed on scene and will be summonsed to court in in the near future.