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Trying to kick goals with football in pants


By Caitlin Bewley
(Work Exp – Swinburne Uni)

The Bacchus Marsh Magistrates Court was silent as multiple charges against a young Bacchus Marsh man were read to Magistrate Gregory Robinson.
Ethan Jarrad was charged with theft, drug possession and drug use, dating back to May last year.
Jarrad was caught with two unknown females in a Village shopping centre sports store on 8 May 2017.
It was alleged to the court on Friday June 1, by Prosecutor Leading Senior Constable Lisa Schoemaker, that the accused put a football down his pants while one of the two women let Jarrad put a Puma jumper into their bag.
The stolen items had a value of $90. Neither have been recovered with the accused admitting to stealing the items because he “was drunk. “
In the same year on June 11 the accused and co-accused were at a gaming venue in Moonee Ponds, playing the gaming machines.
Their backs were to their victim while they were playing the pokies, when they noticed the woman had dropped her mobile phone.
The woman was unaware she had dropped her iPhone 7+, valued at around $1200.
The court heard Jarrad then allegedly threw his phone in the direction of the woman’s phone, so that he could pick up both phones at the same time.
“I just saw it, so I took it,” Jarrad said. “I sold it to a mate for $100 or something.”
Later that year on September 20, the accused was intercepted by police on O’Hagan Place in Bacchus Marsh at 2am.
Prosecutor Schoemaker said the police saw that a screwdriver was used to start the car.
“Police also found a set of knuckle dusters under the accused’s accelerator pedal.”
A month later on October 17, Jarrad was found by police allegedly heavily drugged in Church Street, laying down in a driveway with a water tap in one hand and a red bottle in the other, allegedly full of the drug GHB.
Magistrate Robinson heard the accused had pulled the tap off a wall and couldn’t stand up. Jarrad had a welfare check by ambulance personnel and said he “just wanted some water.”
The accused ended his crime spree a month before Christmas on November 24 where he was arrested in Delahey for possession of drugs.
Jarrad allegedly had methamphetamine in his front pocket, which he told police was Valium for his anxiety.
The court heard Jarrad was already on a 15-month community corrections order to receive rehabilitation for his mental issues and drug abuse, to which Magistrate Robinson said, “he should continue.”
“This might have been a long-term imprisonment and if you breach the CCO you can be resentenced,” Magistrate Robinson told Jarrad.
“Going to jail could be an outcome.”