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Firewood season draws to close


It may be a rush to pick up your wood in the next few days, as Forest Fire Management Victoria has announced the Autumn 2018 Firewood Collection Season will close this Sunday, 30 June.
Forest Fire Management Victoria Acting Fire Control Officer, Peter Kambouris, said that all designated firewood collection areas will be closed over the winter period, and it will be illegal for people to collect firewood on public land until the start of the Spring Firewood Collection Season.
Forest Fire Management Victoria staff will be patrolling parks, forests and reserves within the coming weeks, and typical on-the-spot fines are around $622.
Designated firewood collection areas re-open from 1 September 2018, depending on conditions.
To find your nearest firewood collection area or for more information and updates visit www.ffm.vic.gov.au/firewood