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Councillor involved in stalking matter

Moorabool Shire Councillor Tonia Dudzik has sought an intervention order through the courts. Photo - MSC

By Caitlin Bewley
(1st Yr Swinburne Uni)

No love was close in the Bacchus Marsh court as a Moorabool councillor sought an intervention order against a resident.
Cr Tonia Dudzik had an interim intervention order approved by Magistrate Robinson on Friday 1 June, with Godwin Aquilina from Maddingley to be served.
The matter was heard on Friday 22 June before Magistrate Ronald Saines and it didn’t take long for the anger to erupt.
Mr Aquilina was attempting to prove the unfair treatment he has faced from his local council.
It was alleged on numerous occasions Aquilina made the victim (Dudzik) feel threatened and afraid, Barrister Damian Ballan, appearing for Dudzik, told the court.
“I’ve been bullied and abused by council and I’m sick of it,” Aquilina told Magistrate Saines.
“I’m starting to get entirely confused, there’s so much fabrication it’s disgusting,” Aquilina said.
Magistrate Saines asked the accused if he was removed from council chambers recently because he removed his clothes.
“Well I was asked to leave, so I did. But I didn’t take all my clothes off, it was only my overalls,” Aquilina said.
“Bring the children [to be witnesses] because children do not lie, they were there when it all happened,” Aquilina told the court.
“The court will not involve children in a stalking case,” the Magistrate said.
The outbursts continued throughout the hearing with Aquilina making comments of it “being an unfair trial, I can see it already.”
The accused asked Magistrate Saines if it was possible to change the intervention order to him being able to be within five metres of Dudzik, so that he could “still attend council meetings.”
Magistrate Saines denied his request.
“You are foul, you are obscene,” Aquilina shouted at Magistrate Saines.
“You are planning a civil attack, there is no common sense,” Aquilina said.
Magistrate Saines, became unsettled with the insults and directed the hearing to a Contest Matter in Ballarat in August.
A disgruntled Aquilina stood up and walked out of the court before the hearing concluded.
Cr Dudzik was represented by Barrister Damian Ballan and was contacted for comment but declined, due to the on going legal nature.

** An intervention order is a court order designed to protect a person by placing limits on the behaviour of another person. An intervention order can be made to protect a person from: physical assault, sexual assault, harassment.