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Housemate gives evidence at murder trial


By Meg Kennedy

The former housemate of murdered Bacchus Marsh man Paul Hogan has told the Supreme Court of Victoria he was “in shock” after witnessing the death.
Peter Hughes, who lived with Mr Hogan at the Labillere street property, told the court on Monday 2 July that Mr Hogan was about to drive him to the Bacchus Marsh train station before his death.
Paul Hogan was found dead in his white van with a single gunshot wound to his head at around 8:20am on Tuesday, May 24, 2016.
Val Hogan, the mother of the deceased, could be heard sobbing in the public gallery as Mr Hughes recounted the events.
Hughes suffered injuries to his hands from shattered glass.
The triple zero (000) call made at the scene by another witness was played before Justice Jane Dixon and the jury.
Witness Anne, a resident of Labillere street who made the triple-000 call, said on the day of the shooting she heard a “loud bang”, firstly believing a car accident had occurred.
Anne and her husband went outside to investigate the noise and then saw Mr Hughes running down the road yelling to them, “Don’t go over there, someone’s been shot”.
Mr Hughes entered the couple’s home and spoke on Anne’s phone to the triple-000 operator.
As his panicked voice recording played in court, Mr Hughes appeared to become upset.
Hughes recounted arguments he had overhead between Mr Hogan and the accused Yu Tung “Tracey” Lo on the night before Hogan’s death.
Lo and Hogan were fighting over text messages found on the accused’s phone, Hughes told the court from the witness stand.
Hughes said Hogan told him “I now have an independent witness,” as he was shown text messages on the mobile phone by Hogan.
Lo, who is currently on trial for the murder of the deceased, again appeared emotionless as Mr Hughes gave evidence to the Crown and the Defence.
The trial continues in the Supreme Court of Victoria.