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The long life of plastic

The over 50-year-old bread wrapper found under a house in Bacchus Marsh

By Carol Saffer

There is a saying from back in the day, ‘they don’t make things like they used to’.
And a Bacchus Marsh resident has testament to that.
When Andrea Coe’s house was recently re-stumped she didn’t find any buried treasure, just a plastic bread wrapper over 60-years old.
The original milk loaf plastic bag wrapper from Bird’s Bread bakery in Bacchus Marsh survived undisturbed since the house was built in 1951.
Ironically with the recent legislation banning single use plastic bags, Ms Coe said it was in perfect condition when discovered.
“It had not broken down at all,” she said.
Ms Coe was also astonished to see printed on the bag, ways to re-use it.
“Some suggestions to re-use the bag were to keep leftovers fresh and to put children’s sports clothes in.”
Ms Coe said she wondered whether the local bakery knew if the plastic the loaves were wrapped in, were not going to disintegrate quickly.
“It is quite amazing how long the plastic has lasted, in perfect condition really from all those years ago.”
The bread wrapper was printed in imperial, with the bread weighing 1½ LB NET and a phone number of 2063.