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Jail for repeat offender


By Caitlin Bewley
(2nd Yr Swinburne Uni)

“It was a mistake”, were the final words the Bacchus Marsh Magistrate’s court heard from a man before being taken away in handcuffs by authorities.
Plasterer, 33-year-old Tristan Arbuckle, appeared before Magistrate Ron Saines on Friday February 22 to face five different charges of drunk driving.
The first offence occurred in 2018 on June 8 when the accused was seen by police travelling at an alleged speed of 78km/h in a 50km/h zone.
Police Prosecutor Sergeant Ivan Blomley told the court that upon being intercepted, the accused provided his licence which was found to be suspended and recorded a preliminary breath test reading of 0.076%.
Arbuckle reoffended on September 15 when police responded to a call of a single vehicle collision in the Melton-Caroline Springs area.
The court head that upon arrival police saw the accused trying to fill his car with oil, the front driver’s side of the car was damaged in the collision.
It was alleged the accused was then asked for identification, with his license already disqualified from a prior incident for drink driving offences.
A preliminary breath test was conducted, and the accused recorded a 0.068% blood alcohol reading, telling police he “wasn’t driving [the vehicle]”.
Further offending occurred by the accused on November 6 when police were conducting routine checks on Main Street, Bacchus Marsh.
On this occasion, Arbuckle’s licence was still disqualified, and he blew 0.026% blood alcohol reading on a preliminary breath test, to which he gave “no reason for the offence” the prosecutor said.
“He’s still yet to tackle his alcohol condition,” the accused lawyer said.
“My client presents as a man dealing with addiction.”
Magistrate Saines said it was not just his addiction.
“What has brought you to sentencing is not merely your addiction, it is your choice to drive a motor vehicle when you’re disqualified and drinking alcohol.
“It is important that this sends a strong message of deterrence to you and others in the community that people with multiple offences will end up in jail if they keep reoffending,” he said.
Arbuckle was remanded in custody to re-appear before Magistrate Saines on April 26 to find out the full duration of his imprisonment.