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Missing dog reunited with owners


A 6-year old male golden retriever and his human family have been apart since 23 January, and today were reunited some 250 kilometres from home.

Originally lost from Barham (NSW), Rove was found at Bolwarrah, 15km from Ballan and reunited with his owners at the Moorabool Shire Council Pound on Wednesday morning.

Thanks to Rove’s microchip his owners, Lauren and Lachy Mathers were easy to locate, and as fate has it, Lauren and her husband, with 3-year old son George just happened to be in Melbourne on Tuesday afternoon when they got the call.

Rove and his mate Ralph a Maremma sheep dog both wandered off in Barham with Lauren searching high and low ever since, even taking to social media in a vain hope of finding their dogs.

In an emotional and tearful reunion at the council pound, Rove’s tail never stopped wagging.


It appeared over the last 6-weeks Rove had recently been attacked by another animal, suffering deep cuts to his head and throat. Council immediately sought vet assistance upon Rove being taken in to care and will continue his medication over the next week.

Ralph is still missing with unconfirmed sightings in the Koondrook area.

Full story – next edition 12 March 2019 The Moorabool News.