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Truck flips trailer

The flipped trailer PHOTOS - Helen Tatchell

By Meg Kennedy

A truck has been halved this morning (Thursday 7 March), after its rear trailer broke away and rolled on its side on the Ballan-Geelong Rd near Mt Wallace.
The incident occurred around 11.45am in the Ballan-bound lane, just past Hamills Lane, where the rear trailer appears to have broken away from the truck and smashed through a fence into a vacant paddock, spilling gravel and stone onto the property.
Bacchus Marsh police attended the scene, with traffic slowing to 40km/h while police assessed and spoke to the driver and witnesses.
Senior Constable Brickley told the Moorabool News he believed the trailer ‘A frame’ steel draw-bar connection broke off the adjoining truck, causing the trailer to flip.
“It is simply an accident and very lucky the trailer went left into the paddock and not right into oncoming traffic,” he said.
There were no traffic delays or lane closures and no charges

expected to be laid.