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Doctor demise in Ballan

After a commitment to Ballan District Health & Care in October 2017 for a further five-years, Dr Llewellyn has left the organisation suddenly. Photo – Helen Tachell

By Kate Taylor

Ballan has lost another popular GP, Dr David Llewellyn and all seems hush hush.
In a move so swift that most patients were without the opportunity to say thank-you and goodbye, Dr Llewellyn resigned from the Ballan District Health and Care operated medical centre and has already gone.
The Moorabool News has received several calls already from curious patients asking if we can find out the reasons behind Dr Llewellyn’s seemingly sudden departure, especially so soon after the departure of fellow GP Dr Dhillon.
A response about the departure and circumstances from the BDHC Board Chair Lyn Gunnell and Senior Vice-President Robert Eskdale have so far gone unanswered. It is understood Dr Llewellyn was to leave in mid-March but did not see out his resignation notice.
“Ballan has lost what is possibly its best doctor in David Llewellyn,” one reader told the Moorabool News in an email.
“With all that is going on with the Health Centre it is curious that he suddenly resigns. Why did this brilliant, community minded doctor suddenly resign? And where is he now working? I for one will travel to Ballarat or wherever he goes to be his patient once more,” the email said.
BDHC placed a public notice in the Moorabool News advising that Dr Llewellyn had left the centre, thanking him for his service and that an experienced GP is being sought to join the remaining five doctors.
“…gratefully acknowledge the six-years of GP service provided by Dr David Llewellyn….,” the notice read (MN 26 Feb 2019).
Two new GP registrars joined the health care facility mid-February.
A paid advertisement by UFS Medical Doveton Street (MN 5 March 2019) read, “….Dr Llewellyn has relocated to UFS Medical in Ballarat and will be available to see patients from Monday 18 March…”
It was only in October 2017 that Dr Llewellyn made a commitment and renewed his contract for a further five years with BDH&C.