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Dear Editor,

Re – Ballan Streetscape

I have come to the conclusion that the ratepayers of Ballan are paying far too much for rates. This morning I observed workers digging up the tiling area where the chess set is in front of the Mechanics Hall. It is not many years since this was installed and the rose garden in front planted. The concrete footpaths which were in good order and condition are being dug up and inferior asphalt put in its place.
My complaint to Council during February resulted in the advice that extensive community consultation had taken place. Why were the community members consulted unable to realise the ruination of our main street, the huge waste of money, the loss of amenity, the loss of roses? I have had many people stop me to say that they agree with me entirely so why can’t they also complain to council. Our town has lost its attractive country town charm, and its warmth to be replaced by bland unattractive grey asphalt, grey tiles and unattractive green weeds.
I also pointed out this money could have been better spent on roads and footpaths in other parts of the town, and was advised that minor maintenance in our street will be carried out in coming months, in spite of the large amount of traffic it carries during the day.
Council also states that these works represent a significant improvement in the streetscape and long-term benefits for the town. I would sincerely like to know what is the improvement, and also what long term benefits can we expect? I personally try to avoid walking in the main street now that it means walking on asphalt.

Merilyn Meadows