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Stalking case continues against Cr Dudzik

The plastic doll and gantry in the backyard of the Love Close property. PHOTO - Helen Tatchell

By Caitlin Bewley
(2nd Yr Swinburne Uni)

A man who, according to police prosecution “referred to himself as Jesus Christ”, appeared before Magistrate Ron Saines in the Bacchus Marsh Magistrate’s court on Friday 8 March.
Bacchus Marsh Love Close resident, 51-year-old Godwin Aquilina, attended court in hopes to obtain a sentence indication, but the accused’s lawyer said she was “unable to persuade him” [in his plea of guilty or not guilty].
The court heard after Aquilina erected a large structure of a plastic doll on a gantry in his backyard, members of Moorabool Shire council, along with police, attend the scene to remove said structure on May 31 of last year.
It was alleged by the prosecution, Senior Constable Lisa Schoemaker, the accused “became aggressive and verbally abusive” towards council members and police.
“I’m getting raped financially, raped emotionally,” the accused allegedly said. “It is my creation and it showed the level of corruption in the council.”
Aquilina’s offending occurred between the end of 2017 through to late last year, and involved charges of stalking a Moorabool Shire Councillor, Tonia Dudzik.
On November 11 of 2017, it was alleged Aquilina called the victim and told her that he was going to harm her and to not tell anyone about the threats.
Senior Constable Schoemaker went on to tell the court Aquilina allegedly told Cr Dudzik that she was “number 19 on his list”.
On May 5 Aquilina attended a fundraiser that Cr Dudzik was working at. The prosecutor said Dudzik “felt a sharp jab in her back”, and after seeing the accused at said event “she felt scared”.
On June 27, the accused allegedly covered a cubby house, that Cr Dudzik had given to Aquilina for his children when the two were on good terms some years ago, with black writing.
The graffiti on said cubby house read “frack me you bully”, which the prosecutor said “[Dudzik] felt threatened” by.
Mr Aquilina’s case was adjourned for a full day contested hearing on August 14 in the Ballarat Magistrate’s court.