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EXCLUSIVE – Kur leaves Devils

Abe Kur is predicted to leave Darley FNC for St Albans. PHOTO - The Ballarat Courier - www.thecourier.com.au

By Todd Whelan


Wantaway Darley Premiership utility Abe Kur will be cleared to St Albans by weeks end.
Kur’s absence at the Devils den has been an unknown quantity until now, given he was a required player and earmarked for the all important ruck role in the absence of Dylan Reid.
The Devils have been left high and dry in this instance by the enigmatic Kur who has basically turned his back on a club that his given him nothing short of their full support during his time at the club.
Kur’s erratic onfield behaviours have, at times, compromised the external perception of the Devils culture with well publicised visits to the tribunal, that remain an unenviable burden on the club in it’s 100th year.
Darley coach Heath Scotland could not categorically deny the exit of Kur is in the best interests of the club.
“It’s disappointing it has to end this way,” he said.
“Many people at the club have invested a lot of care and support for Abe over his journey.
“It’s a shame their efforts have fallen on deaf ears.
“I’d be lying if I didn’t acknowledge it wasn’t a distraction on the playing group,” Scotland said.
Given Kur has been relatively unsighted over summer, the Devils have carried on, business as usual.
Darley will meet Sunbury at Darley Park in Round one next Saturday April 13.