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Art through her eyes

Some of the artwork on display at the ‘Through Her Eyes’ exhibition at the Lerderderg Library. Photo – Helen Tatchell

By Meg Kennedy

A local art exhibition framing gender equality has been extended for this month.
The ‘Through Her Eyes’ exhibit, currently held at the Lerderderg Library, features artwork that seeks to redress gender imbalance in art opportunities and ensuring the visibility of women.
The exhibit, in partnership with Djerriwarrh Health Services, is part of an International Women’s Day campaign to showcase local female artists in the community.
Djerriwarrh Health Services Chief Executive Officer Belinda Scott said the exhibition “supports female artists to authentically express themselves through art; share who they are, their experiences and their hopes and dreams with the local community.”
“Djerriwarrh Health Services supports this gender equity initiative, seeking to empower women through the arts,” said Ms Scott.
Featured artist Sandra Pelly believes it is important to showcase the work of local women, saying there is “a strong gender bias towards art that is made by male artists, and not by women.”
“For me, art doesn’t have gender. I try to look at art not from a gendered point of view, however I do raise a lot of women’s issues that are around me,” she said.
As well as her own art, Ms Pelly is featured in the exhibit as part of a photograph series by photographer Carolynn Aldred.
The ‘Women of a Mission’ series demonstrates women with power tools, who have been campaigning for a ‘Men’s Shed’ to include women and the rest community for over a year.
“Those women in that photograph really want a [Women’s Shed]…and it features very strong women who love using power tools, so we really wanted to show their strength and determination to break down those walls,” said Ms Pelly.
‘Through Her Eyes’ is a free art exhibition on display at the Lerderderg Library in Bacchus Marsh throughout April.