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Dear Editor,

Re – ‘Tip Vouchers Dumped’ (M/News 9 April)

It is disappointing to think that Moorabool Shire Councillors could not have the foresight to vote in favour of the ‘Tip Vouchers’, to help stem the tide of rubbish scattered through this ever more disgusting dump we have for our natural bush, reserve parklands, freeway verges and vacant blocks of land.
Illegal rubbish dumping is a blight on our beautiful state. As Cr Edwards argued at the 3 April meeting, the cost to the Shire to pick up dumped rubbish is huge. This cost could be partly offset by offering a chance for people (who would otherwise dump unlawfully,) to act responsibly and take their rubbish to our transfer stations, knowing they would save a few dollars of tip fees.
To extrapolate on this experiment, the whole country would be a far cleaner place if those among us who are tight-fisted, lazy or irresponsible, never have to pay tip fees anytime, anywhere. An annual voucher or two per household, mailed out with rate notices (difficult to justify the estimate mentioned of $5000) may create significant savings to the Shire and other governing bodies. This would in-turn help offset lost revenue from tipping fees.
It’s a pity we don’t have a proactive, forward thinking council to at least experiment in this regard. Perhaps the western Ward Councillors should be asked to refrain from voting on matters more peculiar perhaps to the more urban Eastern wards, and not their more rural hamlets.

Ray Newton