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Artists open studios


By Meg Kennedy

Ever wanted a peek into the workspace of local artists?
Artists from the Ballan, Mt Egerton and Gordon areas will open their studio doors around town this weekend, for the inaugural ‘Open Studios’ event.
Majority of the artists will be exhibiting at Gordon Hall, with some allowing visitors to step inside their personal studios.
Event organiser and featured artist Michele Winsor said the event came about after a group of local artists suggested showcasing their work in the local community.
The studios will showcase an array of different mediums, as Ms Winsor describes, “we have a blacksmith, a couple of people doing ceramics, pottery demonstrations, life drawing, dyeing, a few painters, copper and limestone sculptors, photographers, and photo collages.”
“It’s been in an interesting exercise in making it happen,” she said.
Although Ms Winsor said the event will be great “to get feedback from people as it can be very solitary doing artwork,” she highlighted the importance of letting locals see the different opportunities and happenings throughout the community.
“I don’t think [many residents] are aware that there are a lot of things going on in the community, especially those who commute to Melbourne,” she said.
“I’m hoping it will just open their eyes to all the things that are sort of around them…it can sometimes be hard to find like-minds, and there’s a lot more here than people realise.”
The Open Studios exhibition will be held at various locations between Ballan, Gordon and Mt Egerton from 10am-3.30pm on Saturday 27 – Sunday 28 April.
More information can be found at https://www.artsatlas.com.au/event/open-studio-weekend/2019-04-27/.