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Speed and alcohol ‘own stupid fault’


By Caitlin Bewley
(2nd Yr Swinburne Uni)

A mother and her teenage son dodged injury after one man’s poor judgement caused a car accident on an unsealed country road.
Lucas Conroy was allegedly travelling in a white Dodge utility along a dirt road in Greendale the night of October 19 last year.
Prosecutor Senior Constable Lisa Schoemaker told the Bacchus Marsh Magistrates court on Friday 12 April, the accused was spotted by a witness driving “erratically” and “at excessive speeds”.
It was at this point the victim allegedly pulled her vehicle to one side of the road to “avoid a head-on collision”, the prosecutor said.
The court heard Conroy then lost control of his vehicle, leaving 36-metres of skid marks, before ramming into the left-hand side of the victim’s car.
There were no serious injuries to the victim, her teenage son, or the accused, but both cars were severely damaged.
When police arrived at the scene, the accused was asked to partake in a preliminary breath test, where he blew 0.152%.
It was alleged by the prosecution that Conroy “made full admissions to drinking” and was “adamant that he wouldn’t be over”, saying it was his “own stupid fault”.
“It was a foolish decision and one that was uncharacteristic of him,” Conroy’s lawyer said.
“I understand he’s a good bloke, but he’s lucky that he didn’t kill someone,” Magistrate Gregory Robinson said.
“He’s a good person whose done something very bad. He almost killed a 16-year-old boy and his mother,” he said.
Magistrate Robinson contemplated a short term of imprisonment for Conroy, instead he was given a 12-month community corrections order to participate in 150 hours of community work.

This article has been corrected to reflect a change that indicated the accused lawyer said:
it was his “own stupid fault”.
In fact, it was the prosecution who said this in court. The Moorabool News acknowledges the change and the inconvenience this may have caused to all parties.