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Letter to the Editor


Dear Editor,

I would like to congratulate the Moorabool Shire Council for repairing a guard railing on a bridge.
Despite taking just on 13-weeks to do so, after countless phone calls, emails and photographs from myself to hurry up the process, it is been repaired, luckily without incident.
The bridge is located in a dip on the Ballan/Mt Egerton road, and is a magnet for accident with cars hitting the steel safety railing.
My concern, even though it is now repaired, was from a safety perspective. With the increased heavy vehicle road traffic on the Ballan/Mt Egerton road throughout the Windfarm construction, the bridge which is on a 35-degree bend, having a guard rail missing for such a length of time is just waiting for an incident to occur.
During the 13-weeks council did, finally, reduce the speed limit to 40km/h, and put orange plastic bollards to alert drivers of the missing guard rail, but only after constant persistence.
Just over three-months to repair a safety guard rail has been questions to be asked, firstly and foremost, “Why did it take so long”?

Dave Nickels
Mt Egerton

The bridge barrier before the repairs.