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Confine or curfew cats? – survey


By Meg Kennedy

Moorabool Shire Council are seeking the community’s opinion on whether cats could be under a curfew in the future.
The survey is currently featured on the council’s website and encourages residents to provide their thoughts on whether domestic cats in the Shire should be confined or see a curfew.
Questions in the survey include whether the resident has ever seen, or experienced problems caused by cats roaming, and if the resident agrees with the statement “Council should introduce a version of cat curfew.”
The survey makes up part of Moorabool Council Domestic Animal Management Plan, which identifies the potential issues caused by cats allowed to roam within the community, including killing and damaging native wildlife, and adding to the proliferation of unowned feral cats in the area.
According to a 2017 study, feral cats consumed an estimated 272 million birds nationwide and in July 2018, the Victorian Government announced it would declare feral cats as a pest animal.
If the cat curfew was to come into effect, cat owners would have to ensure their pets were not allowed to roam off their property. The curfew could be in place day and night or only during the night time period.
A spokesperson from Moorabool Shire Council confirmed to the Moorabool News there is currently no determined start date if a curfew were to come into effect, as the council is waiting until community consultation is completed.
The survey is currently open for completion and can be found at https://www.moorabool.vic.gov.au/consultations/moorabool-shire-cat-management-potential-cat-curfew.
More information can be sought by contacting Moorabool Shire Council on 5366 7100.