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Letter to the Editor


Dear Editor,

I was one of the several hundred people who attended the meeting on Tuesday night 6 May to hear of Council’s process regarding the application from Maddingley Brown Coal, to alter their permit conditions to allow them to extend their days of use and to bring in “putrescible” waste. Definition of putrescible – liable to decay; subject to putrefaction.
Several interesting points came to light.
There have been over 400 objections received by Council.
The smell and dust and traffic congestion that is happening under the current Permit is seriously affecting people’s lives.
As there are at least two entities that oversee this site, (Council and the EPA) it appears that it is a struggle to make sure all conditions are being monitored – thus the current level of smell, dust and traffic so it begs the question as to how this “putrescible” waste can be securely monitored.
Another piece of information that came out after a question from the floor re the time length of MBCs current permit – it appears that there is no time limit on their Permit, so they can keep digging and burying their waste forever if required.
People have been complaining long and hard over the noxious smells that are making their lives miserable. Dust and traffic congestion are increasing and causing safety and health issues.
Where is the waste coming from and why is Moorabool Shire the dumping point for this waste? What are we burying in our soil with the contingent threat to our water?
Remember the Hazelwood and just recently the Cooloroo fires – is that what we can expect in the future? Fire suppression will be a major issue as this site increases in size and scope.

Mrs Jan Lowe