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The Federal Election – Candidates for the seat of Ballarat


Four known candidates were asked what their Party promises specifically for Moorabool are to date. Responses were:

Catherine King (LABOR)

Catherine King (Labor)
Nick Shady (Independent)
Karen McAloon (Greens)
Timothy Vo (Liberal)

– $1.4m for the Bacchus Marsh Racecourse Recreation Reserve sports hub

– $50,000 – Myrniong Primary School shade structure

– $25,000 – Gordon Primary School
The STEM shed at Gordon PS was set up by the local community. This project is to expand and fit out the shed to cater for the rapid growth of the school.
This project will entail:
– Increasing working space (shed bays)
– Building purpose benches
– Further storage and necessary safety equipment
– Flooring & lighting
– STEM equipment
The Shed is known as ‘Beachys Shed’, having begun almost five years ago when then-teacher Les Beacham (recently deceased) brought his 6 x 4 trailer to the school, teaching numerous students to build projects from fishing rods to trailers for their bikes.
The program was popular amongst the community and staff and has since expanded to include a STEM teaching specialist, woodwork teaching specialist and a gardening program.
The rapid growth in the school’s student population means that the shed now needs to be expanded.
Once the expansion is complete, the school hopes to open up its facilities to groups such as a Men’s Shed.

– $13,119 – Mt Egerton Primary School – for an undercover outdoor learning area.

– $18,000 – Balliang Primary School – for sheltered seating.

Karen McAloon (GREENS)

As the Greens are not currently a party of government, we are unable to make specific commitments regarding Moorabool Shire. The Greens will support whichever party forms government to ensure they deliver on their pre-election promises and deliver funding for services and infrastructure that benefit low to middle income people living in Moorabool Shire. Moorabool Shire is growing rapidly and like many growing communities in this electorate affordable housing, secure jobs with wages that reflect the cost of living and well-funded education, health and welfare services are a priority for voters. Frequent and reliable public transport around and outside the Shire are also important. The Greens have fully costed plans to support increased funding for services ranging from early childhood education to free TAFE and University, a fully funded NDIS and support for small businesses as just a few examples. We have a plan to address climate change by ending our reliance on fossil fuels and making an orderly transition to a new jobs rich clean economy. We will also pursue strengthened environmental laws to ensure the enhancement and protection of the Moorabool Shire’s natural resources and biodiversity.

Response did not meet print deadline
(No specific promises for Moorabool)

Timothy Vo (LIBERAL)
Did not respond