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Club flags their Centenary

The 70-year old Premiership flag from 1949.

By Todd Whelan

Former Darley premiership player Drew Edwards’ mission to find the Devils oldest living player ahead of the Club’s upcoming 100th year celebration, has ended, in overwhelming success.
Meet Pat Adair (pictured).
Coincidentally, Pat too is 99-years old and will share his milestone year with his former club when he turns 100 in October.
Following curious investigation and consultation with DFNC Life Member Graeme Stewart, it was confirmed that ‘Pat’ was indeed the man they were looking for. The three-time premiership player (1949,1950,1952) happened to be right under their noses, still residing in Darley.
The story only gets better.
The Adair family were rapt to hear from the DFNC and agreed to meet with Mr Edwards and his Darley faithful sometime later, allowing enough time for the family to ‘go digging’ for any memorabilia from Pat’s playing days. Ironically, it would be Pat’s recent move into the Freemason Nursing Home in Darley that would trigger the prized finding. The Adair’s were cleaning out the once occupied living area of ‘Pat’ in the family home when they stumbled on a bag in the back of an old closet. Inside the bag happened to be the 1949 Darley Football Club Premiership Flag. Unveiled, the Flag looked every bit as fragile as its 70-year renaissance, the aura and the mystique of a thousand more untold stories of the Darley Football Club now laid bare on the living room floor.
‘Pat’s son Brian, couldn’t wait to inform the club of his new found treasure and organised for the two parties to meet for the handover of the historical gem back to the club.
Mr Edwards was ecstatic on behalf of the DFNC and couldn’t help but ask ‘Pat’ how he ended up with it.
With a proud smile, full of life and cheek ‘Pat’ replied.
“I’m not telling anyone!”
There earmarks one of the many untold stories.
The 1949 Darley Premiership Flag will be on display at the Centenary Gala at Crown.

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