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Feisty court appearance


By Caitlin Bewley
(2nd Yr Swinburne Uni)

An agitated and angry 53-year-old man attended the Bacchus Marsh Magistrate’s court in a dishevelled state to contest multiple charges on Friday 14 June.
Love Close resident Godwin Aquilina appeared before Magistrate Ron Saines to hear the charges against him, all of which occurred in 2018 and involved the Moorabool Shire Council.
The most recent incident occurred on August 14 last year when Aquilina failed to remove rubbish, at the request from Council, which was dumped outside his property.
“I got sick of looking at the rubbish after a few days and got rid of it,” Aquilina said. “But I know it’s not the truth, it’s all lies,” he told the court.
Moorabool Shire Council’s legal representative said that “on the first occasion, the rubbish was cleared by the council, on the second occasion, the rubbish was partially cleared by Aquilina”.
Aquilina told the court he had “suffered 13-years of abuse since I bought the property.”
“The council is enticing violence, I haven’t done a thing since I bought the place,” Aquilina said.
During his hearing, Aquilina was speaking over the prosecution whilst the summary was being read, the accused continued to repeat statements reiterating that he “hasn’t done anything wrong”.
The accused’s lawyer told the court that her client was involved in a serious car accident in 1996 where he sustained serious injuries, saying this was the “catalyst for everything falling apart.”
“He [Aquilina] struggles to form relationships because of his injury. He is genuinely seeking support,” Aquilina’s lawyer said.
“It’s hard when you’re getting raped and raped and raped,” Aquilina said, enraged. “I’ve been raped since day one.”
Magistrate Ron Saines booked Aquilina’s case off for a contested hearing on August 14 in Ballarat.

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