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“We don’t need an incinerator to reduce our landfill.”


Dear Editor,

Waste to energy is a nice green way to say giant incinerator. Once this machine/plant gets going you can pump in just about anything as a fuel. Putrescible waste, treated pine, plastics, just about anything, even coal. Sure, we can ‘scrub’ the exhaust to meet a ‘passable’ quality, most of the time, but as with all human processes, these measures are not perfect, and you can be sure clauses will apply to excuse the odd failure and mishap. It will be interesting to see the scope of the buffer zone and the impact on the homes within it (Hillview, Maddingley, and maybe Stonehill).
So, ‘green’ energy from garbage, to be consumed within the industrial park first and the excess is then to be sold to the grid. Maybe it could be sold to the community for a reduced rate to compensate for the increased truck traffic, increased carbon emissions, potentially harmful chemical compounds produced from burning plastics? (By the way, these would be released into an area that from memory has already been identified as a “cancer cluster” due to historical agricultural chemical use.)
Will the community really benefit from the process? Some jobs for those with the skills, but will they replace all that are lost if the Grammar School moves? People have claimed that because ‘millions’ have been spent on this proposal already that it makes it a ‘sure thing’. Not true, this company has had grants before, and nothing has come of it. On the other hand, the Grammar has already spent millions more in town so far, and you can see the result.
Just how is this waste going to find its way into the furnace? If it is by road, then I am pretty sure these truck movements are not included in the recent amendment to the tip application. As Maddingley Brown Coals ad (M/News 11 & 18 June) says these are two separate issues, and yes, they are. So, don’t let your green coloured glasses cloud your judgement when it comes to the tip amendment.
Think about how you can reduce your own rubbish and become part of the solution. We don’t need an incinerator to reduce our landfill.

Bob Levy
Maddingley South