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A round of applause for Ballan CWA


Dear Editor,

I just want to send big bouquets to the ladies of the Ballan CWA on
their mid-winter bush dance. What a fantastic way to spend a cold
evening. For all of those who stayed home because of the gloomy
weather, kick yourselves now. You missed a truly fantastic night with
live music provided by the Brumbies, ably called by a very patient
caller, and a truly delicious supper of hot soup, crusty rolls, and airy
cupcakes. There were also a great range of prizes – all vouchers
donated by the local businesses. A big round of applause to them. The
dancing was lively and everyone entered into it in great spirit. I
danced with tall farmers, little girls, and everyone in between. It was
good, old-fashioned, family-friendly fun. If the Ballan CWA ladies
decide to run this again, knock down anyone you have to get your
tickets fast. But don’t take them all, leave some for me.

Katie Lindorff