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More water than off a duck’s back

(Main) Water runs off Mt Steiglitz and the Blakeville Road directly through Connor Court, creating rivers through residential properties and overflowing roadside shoulders. Photo - Helen Tatchell

By Helen Tatchell

Winter rain has been a bit like the Goldilocks and the three-bears story, the ground has been too hard (to take the water), too soft (too much water) and ‘just right’ hopefully will be in mid-Spring (bumper crops)
With the big wet dumping over 50mm in just four days this month, and 418mm to end July, the paddocks and drains across Moorabool shire are suffering, and let’s not mention the road network.
Connor Court in Ballan’s north is a quiet, picturesque 11-lot sub-division, until it rains. Locals would say “it was built on a swamp”, hence the waterlogged drains and run-off that creates numerous rivers through resident’s properties.
Connor court is situated off the Greendale Road and sits below housing on the upper Blakeville Road that is at the base of Mt Steiglitz.
Nicole Finn represented the residents of Connor Court at an Ordinary Meeting of Council on Wednesday 5 July and said the residents have been in direct correspondence with Council about flooding since late 2010.
“We note that the 2013 Municipal Emergency Management Plan indicates Connor Court is prone to flooding and we believe funding has previously been committed to address this, but no works have been undertaken,” she said.
“There is severe flooding and the spoon drains are unequipped and maintained; the street drainage is not sufficient enough. We are lower lying and with the surrounding hills and Blakeville Road higher, we get that run off.”
Ms Finn said they are flooding more frequently.
“Emergency services will not attend when flood water is across the road. The water remains for many weeks after rainfall and becomes stagnant with the potential for drowning of children, and the bus stop is near the storm water drain.
“If it is flooded forget it; but please in time of need do not forget us,” she said.
Ms Finn also presented a resident’s petition, photos and objectives from an IDM Sustainable Infrastructure Guidelines, with one stating:
– To provide infrastructure that uses stormwater more efficiently by reducing peak volumes and increasing the volume that is retained in water sensitive design elements prior to discharge to watercourses.
“What is council doing to ensure the safe passage of vehicles in and out of Connor Court, and it is maintained at all times?” Ms Finn asked.
Ewen Nevett, MSC Manager Engineering Services said, “they are currently investigating the issue and a solution that may involve extensive drainage works.”
“Council is now assessing an option to increase the capacity of the table drains along part of Connor Court and improve the out flow to the east of the Ballan-Greendale Road to reduce the level of inundation in Connor Court. This work is likely to be carried out when ground conditions have improved over the next few months.”
Council issued statement of compliance for the Connor Court, Ballan subdivision on 12 July 2000.

The run-off comes from all directions near the school bus stop at the entrance to Connor Court from the Ballan-Greendale Road.
Photos – Helen Tatchell