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Unlucky break with the wishbone


By Caitlin Bewley
(2nd Yr Swinburne Uni)

Giving a false name to police wasn’t the smartest idea a Creswick man had.
Daniel Buckland appeared in the Bacchus Marsh Magistrates court before John Doherty on Friday 9 August and entered a guilty plea to drink driving charges.
The court heard Buckland used an alias ‘Johnny Wishbone’ when intercepted by police at a Ballan service station on the Western Freeway, after a truck driver reported his “erratic” behaviour.
Prosecutor, Senior-Constable Lisa Schoemaker told the court the accused was allegedly “tailgating the victim’s truck and flashing his high beams” and proceeded to go through a roundabout the wrong way.
When police arrived at the scene Buckland “staggered” out of the petrol station and denied driving the vehicle, telling police to “look the other way and [he] won’t drive it any further.”
The officers on duty proceeded to ask the accused for identification, to which Buckland replied his name was Johnny Wishbone, appearing unsteady on his feet according to CCTV footage.
Buckland was taken to the Bacchus Marsh police station where he still refused to offer identification, remaining in custody until police obtained his identification.
In court Buckland’s lawyer said, “there is no reason or explanation for his conduct.”
“He thought he recognised the truck and gave the name Johnny Wishbone as a joke.
“He didn’t understand the seriousness of giving a false name, refusing a breath test and not complying with police orders,” the accused lawyer said.
“He’s going to pay for his foolish behaviour; he drinks and drives,” Magistrate John Doherty said.
Buckland was convicted and fined $1500, had his licence cancelled and was disqualified from driving for a period of four years.”