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Letter to the Editor: No penalty for Pacific Hydro


Dear Editor,

Reading this week (MN 13 Aug 2019) in the Letters to the Editor from Kevin Ramholdt concerning the death of three wedge-tailed eagles, it is unfortunate that it would be considered that they were killed by the blades from the wind farm.

As I understand it the eagles have 100% better eyesight than we do. It is unfortunate that these wonderful birds have died but unfortunately, we live in a world that is ever expanding and developing.

How do we know that these birds were killed by the blades as if it happened sometime last year, it may not have happened during the lambing season.

Please do not get me wrong as I think these are a magnificent bird.

I do not believe that Pacific Hydro should receive a penalty for the death of these birds.

I have lived in the Northern Territory for at least 16 years and travelled to Adelaide at least twice a year and I have seen dozens of wedge-tailed eagles killed lying on the road.

Are you saying that each driver that hits a bird and kills it should be charged for killing our native birds?

I have witnessed the damage that they cause in coaches, trucks and cars through no fault of the driver.

If we want renewable energy, we should accept that some of our native birds may die.

Are you suggesting that we should not invest in wind farms because it may kill some of our native birds? I believe we need to live in the real world.

Colin Moore