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‘Flight risk’ remanded


By Jessica Howard

A man accused of stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars’ worth of items to fund his lifestyle and pay off debt has been remanded in custody.

Shaun Taylor, of Ballan, appeared in the Ballarat Magistrate’s Court on Tuesday March 14, where he was refused bail after failing to convince Magistrate Gregory Robinson to release him.

Taylor was already set to appear in court on that day for a consolidated plea, however, the father of three was arrested on fresh charges in the early hours of Saturday March 11.

Police informant, Senior Detective at Moorabool CIU, Joshua Coy told the court that Taylor had allegedly stolen a television and doona cover, valued at $500, from a caravan park in early February.

He said it was also reported that Taylor had damaged the floor covering of a cabin, with costs expected to be around $1,000.

On March 10, police allegedly attended a cabin located in a caravan park in Creswick.

Detective Coy said the accused’s fiancé had initially tried to deny that Taylor was inside, however, after being located under a bed, Taylor was arrested and remanded in custody.

The following day, Taylor was taken to the Ballarat Base Hospital after suffering chest pains.

Detective Coy said upon his release from hospital at about 11am, Taylor attempted to run free from police, however, after a short chase he allegedly fell over and was subsequently arrested.

At the time of his arrest, the accused was already on bail for a number of dishonesty, firearm and drug charges and had failed to abide by his strict bail conditions.

“Based on the large number of serious offending’s, the accused is an unacceptable risk to the community,” Detective Coy said.

“I am aware he has a large number of debts and he continues to steal in order to fund his lifestyle”.

Taylor represented himself to apply for bail, claiming the allegations against him were false.

“These new charges are ludicrous, I am not that desperate,” he said.

“You say I am having trouble with debts, but what mounting debts? I am working full time now…. I am not a risk to the community, I just want to go to work, come home, see my kids and see my fiancé.

“I didn’t do half of those things alleged, the [matters] from last year are past me. I want a fresh start, being locked up is not good for my boys”.

Magistrate Robinson said while the recent charges were of less seriousness than Taylor’s priors, the fact that he continued to reoffend on bail was disturbing.

“There is a risk of further offences here and with the potential face of imprisonment, you are a flight risk”.

Taylor was refused bail and remanded in custody until April 7.