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Letter to the Editor: Appealing for mercy


Dear Editor,

I received my latest Moorabool Council rates notice with even more dismay than I felt when I received the increased rates notices last year, and the year before.

When I downsized from a large property in the metropolitan area to a small property in Moorabool my rates doubled, and they have doubled again since I arrived here eight years ago.

I am an aged pensioner living in a modest, three bedroom, one bathroom house but I see that I am paying much higher council rates than my city friends are paying, and they have twice yearly hard rubbish collections and concession rates for health care card holders at their council rubbish depots.

I am anxious to know if we can hope for a slow down to the ever increasing rate rises.

My house may be worth more now than when I bought it but that would only benefit me if I sold it.

Where will I live when the cost of rates become even more burdensome than they are now?

I wouldn’t be able to afford to buy back in the city where the rates are lower.

With so many new estates springing up in Moorabool, surely the council must be receiving more rates revenue from the many more households without imposing constant and crippling rates rises.

Am I the only Bacchus Marsh resident appealing for mercy?

Judy Archer
Bacchus Marsh