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Interlock there for a reason


By Caitlin Bewley
(2nd Yr Swinburne Uni)

A woman appeared in the Bacchus Marsh Magistrates court in hopes of having the interlock condition removed from her licence, regardless of her 25 violations.

Magistrate Johnathan Klestadt asked Julie Castleman on Friday 30 August about her failed attempts to start her vehicle between 2015-2018, saying that it seemed to have taken her a “long time to wake up to the issues of drink driving.”

Castleman told Magistrate Klestadt that she was no longer a drinker, and that one of the failed attempts to start her vehicle was caused by her partner.

“I thought the camera would show that it was him, not me,” she said.

“[The interlock is used to] try and provide you with assistance to avoid breaking the law,” Magistrate Klestadt said.

“You don’t understand, it’s a learning experience,” Castleman rebutted.

“I’m happy to be 0.00 if you take the interlock off [her licence],” she said.

Magistrate Klestadt adjourned the accused’s hearing to November 29, telling her that if she had no further violations, the interlock condition would be removed from her licence.