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Letter to the Editor: ‘Greedy developers’ profiting from Ballan


Dear Editor,

Re: Not so joyous subdivision (M/News 3 Sept 2019)

This story caught my eye as we have a similar situation in Simpson street also.

It seems that investors and developers are determined to subdivide and profit from areas of Ballan on the fringe of town.

The proposed subdivision I speak of wants to divide an acre lot into 3 lots that are smaller than Council regulation for the zoned area.

The applicant recognised this but seems to think it’s ok to do if it’s only “slightly under”.

The proposed development will absolutely alter (for the worse) our living environment.

I have not lived on an acre lot in Ballan for 30 years, only to be built in by greedy developers.

I wonder if the council actually stands by its claims in the Moorabool Planning Scheme to maintain the rural characteristics of Ballan…or are their eyes set on increasing theirs funds through rates?

Peta Gamble