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Prevent cruelty to animals, have your say

Photo - State Government of Victoria

The State Government is inviting Victorians to provide feedback on proposed new regulations to prevent cruelty to animals in Victoria.

Minister for Agriculture Jaclyn Symes announced the opening of consultation on the proposed Prevention of Cruelty to Animal (POCTA) Regulations 2019, which will make improvements on important animal welfare issues including:

  • Animal transportation and tethering requirements
  • Use of pain relief for mulesing of sheep
  • Sale and use of wildlife-safe fruit netting
  • Sale and use of electronic devices
  • Approvals and other processes related to the use of traps
  • Operational and administrative processes for rodeos
  • Scientific procedure record-keeping, the sourcing of animals, and training of Animal Ethic Committee members.

The POCTA Regulations aim to protect the welfare of animals in Victoria by supporting the state’s primary animal welfare legislation to prevent, or minimise, harm through regulation of specific activities.

The proposed new regulations and associated Regulatory Impact Statement can be viewed on the Engage Victoria website.

The new regulations will replace the existing regulations, which expire on 15 December.

Consultation is open until Thursday, 26 September.

For more information, visit engage.vic.gov.au/prevention-cruelty-animals-draft-regulations-2019