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Court in action


By Steven Barnes and Jessica Howard

A 24-year-old woman found in possession of stolen goods, methamphetamine and cartridge ammunition has been condemned by a Bacchus Marsh magistrate.

Jessie Oakley appeared in court on Friday April 7.

Bacchus Marsh police executed a search warrant at a property in Peelmans Lane at around 8:30pm on December 21 last year, the court heard.

The mother-of-two was found in possession of two ziplock bags containing methamphetamine and diazepam tablets, cartridge ammunition and ladies’ underwear with the security tags still intact.

An assortment of loyalty, Medicare and bank cards, believed to have been stolen from a motor vehicle in Bacchus Marsh, were also located within a bedroom of the property.

Oakley told police that she purchased the underwear from a garage sale and when asked about the methamphetamine she made no comment.

Earlier this year, Oakley was again questioned by police following a pursuit that occurred on February 25.

The court heard that police attempted to intercept a vehicle after it was observed speeding at 110km/h on Flanagans Drive in Bacchus Marsh.

The vehicle sped onto a dirt road in order to evade the police, who soon abandoned the pursuit.

A registration check showed that the car was in the name of Oakley’s father, who said his daughter was the main user of the vehicle.

Oakley was contacted by police on February 26, however she failed to provide information on the whereabouts of the vehicle the night before, stating that she had taken a sleeping tablet and gone to bed early.

Oakley’s defence said her client had been steered down the wrong path after getting into a relationship with a member of organised crime at the age of 17.

She said the relationship, which had now ended, was marked with drugs and violence, however Oakley had since begun rehabilitation in an attempt to turn her life around.

Magistrate Gregory Robinson said it was unfortunate that Oakley had entered into a life of crime and drugs at such a young age.

“I understand when you’re young you can make poor decisions… I was young once too,” he said.

“However if you felt trapped in the relationship you should have gone to police”.

Oakley received an aggregate fine of $1,500 with conviction.