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Mad Max told to grow up

Max Dennison Photo - Helen Tatchell
Max Dennison Photo - Helen Tatchell

By Jessica Howard

The young Bacchus Marsh man who stole from a local CFA and performed dangerous burn-outs on the main street has been released back into the community.

Max Dennison appeared in the Bacchus Marsh Magistrate’s Court on Friday (April 7), where he pleaded guilty to a number of offences including careless driving of a motor vehicle, burglary, assault with a weapon and reckless conduct endanger life.

The 20-year-old unlicensed driver crashed a motorbike in the main street of Bacchus Marsh after attempting to do a burn out at around 6:15pm on January 31.

At the time of the incident, Dennison was on bail for various driving offences, assault with a baseball bat and the theft of a $500 chainsaw from the Parwan Fire Station.

The accused, who was supported by his family and friends in court, was denied bail in February and had since spent 50-days in custody – an experience he referred to as “not great”.

Dennison’s defence, Ms Wally, told the court that if released, her client had every intention of abiding by the rules.

She said Dennison had sold his car at the end of 2016 and was no longer in possession of the motorbike used to do burn-outs earlier this year.

Magistrate Gregory Robinson jailed the accused for 50 days, with the time spent on remand counted as time served.

Dennison was also placed on a 24-month community corrections order and fined $1,500.

His driver’s license was cancelled for a period of 12-months.

Magistrate Robinson said if it wasn’t for the accused’s guilty plea, he would have sentenced him to “at least two years in custody”.

“Because you have owned up to your actions we are going to call it quits, but if you continue to behave like this, you will land yourself back in jail.

“You have got to grow up. Everyone in Bacchus Marsh, apart from your family and friends in this court room, were happy to see you put away and you will no doubt be sent back to jail if you don’t start to make a decent person of yourself”.