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Letter to the Editor – ‘Just do it’


Dear Editor,

I totally agree with Brian Brook and Graham Sheath. (Facebook Feedback M/News 5 Nov).

These trees are now 100-years old. The plan about 4-years ago was to extend Woolpack road to the freeway. Take out 5-trees and replant 20-whilst constructing a round-a-bout, (ie. 5 for 20)

I believe a petition was taken at the time supporting the plan.

Those who successfully stopped this obvious and simple solution to the now enormous problem that the town now has with traffic congestion, should be questioned as to why they still oppose the obvious.

These same ‘do-gooders’ never mention that already over 40-trees have been replaced along the Avenue of Honour.

Wake up to the real world.

Upgrade the Avenue of Honour, extend Woolpack Road, and construct an up to date Memorial that not only honours the WWI Veterans, but those that have followed in their footsteps.

Just do it.

Rick Dickson