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Letter to the Editor: ‘This is a disaster waiting to happen’


Dear Editor,

I write in frustration at the lack of basic emergency protection being afforded communities including Blackwood, Barry’s Reef and Golden Point to name a few.

As a resident of Blackwood, I am very concerned about two recent events, twice in last two-months, that saw Blackwood and its surrounds lose power and experience a total blackout, internet, landline and mobile phone coverage all at the same time.

The second ‘blackout’ occurred on November 22 -23, during a very high fire danger day.

The entire area lost all communications for the second time, placing hundreds of locals in unnecessary danger, at a time when the communications were needed most.

If nothing is done, this is a disaster waiting to happen. What is the point of a fire plan if the basic services we require as a community are not provided at critical times?I understand the power blackout had a bigger geographical context, but to lose all services, twice, is unacceptable.

Tim Grech