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Family feud


By Caitlin Bewley
(3rd Yr Swinburne Uni)

A man just wanting to pick up his dog from his dad’s house resulted in an argument with his brother who told the accused to “show some respect.”
The court heard 49-year-old Andrew Jensz attended his family property in Parwan to collect his dog in September 2019 when a verbal altercation escalated with his brother.
Prosecutor Sergeant Ivan Blomley told the court on Friday 17 January, the verbal dispute turned physical when the accused “punched the victim to the right side of the head as he walked away.”
“Jensz then allegedly continued to verbally abuse the victim whilst he was on the phone to police, soon after leaving the property with the dog,” he said.
The accused was later interviewed by police where he said the “victim stole a tank.”
Sgt Blomley told Magistrate Bob Kumar the accused went on to tell police “if I’m pushed to a certain point by my family, especially my dad and brother, I get angry and I act out.”
“[The accused and victim] haven’t spoken for four years,” the accused’s lawyer told the court. “When he turned up [to the property] he saw his brother and his partner removing [Jensz’s] property.”
“He acted out of frustration,” the accused’s lawyer continued.
Magistrate Kumar convicted and fined Jensz a sum of $500.