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Copper on the trail of thefts

A Moorabool wind farm. Photo: Helen Tatchell

By Helen Tatchell

Wind farms around Moorabool have brought an inundation of workers that frequent local businesses, a boost for economic development however, it has also brought uninvited thieves to frequent the sites.
Over $2 million in the last three short years is the value of theft that has occurred.
Moorabool Crime Investigation Unit has been very active with Senior Constable Simon Kirk telling the Moorabool News the main item of want is a precious metal, copper.
“It started as a bit of petty theft, for want of a better word, with diesel and theft from vehicles,” he said.
“It has now escalated to copper wire and vehicles being stolen from the sites.”
SC Kirk said in the past three-months an estimated $500,000 worth of materials and vehicles have been stolen.
“The thefts occur on site and copper wire is stolen from turbines on the ground. There has been more than 20-rolls of copper wire stolen.”
The thieves would need a utility or small truck to transport their cache.
“Thefts were occurring every two-three days and we have been conducting operations with additional patrols,” SC Kirk said.
“Police have been engaging with on-site management with security and surveillance during non-operational hours, upgraded.”
SC Kirk said the investigation is ongoing however they had arrested a male of interest three weeks ago.
“He will appear before the courts in late February.”
See something, say something.
Anyone with further information in regard to the thefts are urged to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or Bacchus Marsh CIU 5366 7575.