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More than just another brick in the wall

Mary Murphy on behalf of Irene Parkin raising the flag (L-R) Irene Parkin read the Australian Flag poem alongside President Dennis Spielvogel The Meade family unveiling their plaque. Photos – Dennis Spielvogel

By Caitlin Bewley
(3rd Yr Swinburne Uni)

Whilst Ballan was conducting a civic ceremony with approximately 200 people in the Mechanics Hall, another 200-people were attending Bungaree’s Australia Day celebrations this year, watching on as three new families were added to their Heritage wall.
The Bungaree Historical Society’s annual celebration, opened by President Dennis Spielvogel, set out to commemorate the people who make “Bungaree a great place to live,” Secretary Heather Trigg said.
“The wall was erected 12-years ago,” Ms. Trigg continued. “There are 61 plaques on the wall at the moment.”
Added to the 61 plaques in 2020, were the Meade, Roberts and Downey families, with members from each giving a short speech and further displays after the ceremony.
“The plaques were erected to recognise people in the district that have made Bungaree a great place to live,” Ms. Trigg said.
Among the day’s festivities, 2019 recipient of the Bungaree Historical Society’s “This is your Life” award Irene Parkin, read the Henry Lawson, Flag of the Southern Cross poem as her daughter unfurled the flag.
The attendees also enjoyed Australian songs performed by the Sing Australia choir, followed by the town’s twelfth-annual spud peel and activities for the children.
Ms Trigg said Mr Spielvogel opened the day before passing proceedings over to Vice President, Tom Reynolds.
“Bungaree’s Australia Day celebrations bring the town together and sometimes act as a family reunion,” Ms. Trigg said, recognising the families that make it a great place to live.