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Pays to check if vehicle is registered


By Caitlin Bewley
(3rd Yr Swinburne Uni)

A hot 43-degree day saw a number of people enter a guilty plea in the cool of the Bacchus Marsh Magistrates courtroom on Friday 31 January.
Brandon Wood was contesting his charge of driving an unregistered vehicle before Magistrate Tom Barrett.
The court heard Wood was intercepted by police on July 25 last year on Hallett’s Way, Bacchus Marsh, with police informing him his car registration had expired.
Police issued Wood an infringement notice and a fine of $826 on the said day.
In court Wood said he paid the registration fee online, “on the spot”, after being intercepted by police.
“I paid the rego on the spot but still got fined which I thought was a bit rough,” Wood said.
“My car was getting repaired, so I borrowed my dad’s car. He wasn’t aware the rego was expired,” Wood continued.
Magistrate Barrett told Wood because the “fine was set by parliament,” he would reimpose the initial fine of $826.