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Letter to the editor – “this council needs to be accountable”


Dear Editor,

This council needs to be accountable for their statements, on speaking with other local business owners in the main street, no one including ourselves had any consultation regarding parking periods or of the commencement of enforcement. Could the Shire please produce documentation of the consultation?
Secondly, there are seven women that work in our office, attached are pics of where these women are expected to walk in winter in the dark to park their cars. Graffiti, one small (smashed solar light) and no signage directing anyone to this back-street parking location. Are the council happy to have these females walking in weather to this back street unlit parking area?
Caravans, buses where are they to park and where is the signage?
Is Ballan open for business or closed to council bylaws?

Dave Nickels
Business owner
Main Street, Ballan