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Dear Editor,

Like many, we have watched the Maddingley Brown Coal landfill issue with interest and concern.
In our case, recent experience with local agencies and the EPA have shaken our confidence in the institutions that we assumed would protect residents. We caution residents who believe that council and the EPA have the power to enforce public health standards to think again. In our experience, once something has begun council and the EPA are impotent to prevent or undo it.
Over a year ago residents in the vicinity of the Bacchus Marsh Memorial Hospital raised concerns to Djerriwarrh Health Services, the Council, and the EPA about noise emanating from the newly constructed hospital expansion. Industrial scale plant machinery intended to maintain sterility in theatres was installed within 50m of residential rooflines. Whilst residents welcomed the expansion, the noise of this constantly running machinery has since emitted a keening, modulating high frequency metallic whine audible 24 hrs a day within nearby homes.
(continued online 24 March edition)

– On behalf of residents of
Clarinda St, Gulline Cl, Turner St,
Kings St, and Queens St, Bacchus Marsh

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