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Daryl and Anne Carr are all smiles after Judge Mark Gamble dismissed all the charges, on appeal, in the County Court of Victoria. Photo - submitted

By Caitlin Bewley
(3rd Yr Swinburne Uni)

Apprehension filled the court room as Anne Carr reached for her husband’s hand while waiting for the verdict at his County Court of Victoria appeal. Then relief, he was a free man.
Judge Mark Gamble struck out the intended two-day contested hearing based on insufficient evidence, dismissing all charges against Daryl Carr.
Mrs Carr told the Moorabool News, “we still have much ahead of us as we rebuild our lives”.
“He is a much loved and respected man who was suddenly accused of sexually assaulting two students, after teaching at the Bacchus Marsh College for more than three decades.”
The former Bacchus Marsh College teacher was originally found guilty of five charges of sexual assault back in 2018, the two-year process has now resulted in all charges being dismissed last Monday 16 March in Melbourne.

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 in the 24 March 2020 edition


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