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Dear Editor,

I note with interest, via letters to The Editor, the debate on the VEAC Central West Investigation has raised its head in past two weeks. I see the letter from Trevor Speirs of Trentham, (MN 10 March), refers to the letter from Peter Walsh, Leader of The Nationals, from previous week and questions whether Peter has read the VEAC Final Report. This investigation was requested by the Victorian Government three years ago and I have been across the draft and final report all the way. There were two public submission stages and the second stage preceded the final report. With submissions totalling in excess of 2600, 64.8% were against the recommended changes to National Park status of the existing State Forests under this report, 32.5% for and 2.7% undecided.
Peter Walsh’s letter focussed on the overall recommendations of VEAC and to a degree the ideology is “Lock-up Public Land” to protect our flora and fauna.


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 in the 24 March 2020 edition


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