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The Perspective – you wouldn’t read about it.


By Paul Tatchell

There is a reason why windscreens are bigger than rear view mirrors, it can be dangerous to spend more time looking backwards than forwards, literally.
But as the snow starts to filter heavily through the thinning follicles, and the lines of time start to build crossroads on the face we barely recognise from our misspent youth, reflection becomes a constant companion as we release the brakes for the down-hill slide.
The world moves at an alarming pace as we get older, and the constants in our lives disappear like innocents of childhood. There is no escaping the throwaway world we live in, where living in the fast-lane and making old things isn’t part of the agenda. There will probably be a day when we don’t need rear view mirrors at all, let alone the reflections to reminisce.
One of those constants is the humble country newspaper; it seems like yesterday when you would step on a train and see the people rustling a sea of newspapers, now it’s all mobile phones and tablets bringing you your daily news as it happens, sometimes even before it happens.

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in the 14 July 2020 edition
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