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Last chance to enrol


Eligible residents and ratepayers are being urged to enrol to vote for the upcoming Victorian local council elections before it’s too late.
Australian citizens who have recently turned 18 or changed address can enrol or update their State enrolment details at vec.vic.gov.au/enrolment.
There are also additional enrolment categories for occupiers, company nominees, non-resident property owners and non-Australian citizens who pay rates. People in these categories should contact their local council for more information.
Further information on enrolment is available by calling 1300 805 478 or at vec.vic.gov.au, where voters can also sign up to the free VoterAlert service to receive important election reminders by text and email.
Enrolment closes Friday 28 August at 4 pm.

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in the 25 AUGUST 2020 edition
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