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Medal for valour

The life of Eric Saltor during his war efforts was on display at BDH&C.

By Lachlan Ellis
(3rd Yr Deakin Uni)

A WWII veteran has become the latest Moorabool resident to be awarded with the Commemorative Medallion introduced in July, a first for the township of Ballan.
Eric Saltor was born in Scottsdale on the 7 November 1922, the eldest of 11 children. He now lives in the aged care facility at Ballan District Health & Care (BDH&C).
Mr Saltor’s daughter and son-in-law applied on his behalf for a medal and certificate recognising his service and contribution to the war effort.

WWII veteran, 97-year old Eric Saltor is the first Ballan resident to receive the Commemorative Medallion.
Photo – BDH&C

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in the 15 September 2020 edition
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