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Nature Strip Policy – Have Your Say


By Caitlin Bewley

Many nature strips in the local Shire look the same but a new Council policy may see people adding a personal flare to their front yards.
Moorabool Shire Council are urging residents to have their say on a new nature strip policy via an online survey which closes next week.
The survey asks residents to answer questions relating to the beautification of nature strips and whether people believe alterations to the land should be allowed with appropriate permission from Council.
What landscaping would you like to see supported by Council? This could include replacing grass for crushed rock, mulch or pavers, additional street trees, and formalised garden beds.
A spokesperson for Council said, “the intent of the survey is to gauge the level of support from the community for alterations to nature strips and the types of modifications residents would like to see permitted.”
“Council receives numerous requests in relation to the beautification of nature strips and what is or is not able to be undertaken.
“We also receive complaints in relation to alterations undertaken without any consultation with Council. The intent of the Policy and Guideline is to provide clear and consistent advice to residents in this regard,” the spokesperson said.
The Moorabool News asked whether Council would monitor people altering their nature strips and changing the space to a concrete slab, for example, to increase parking opportunities and leaving no space for bin collection.
“Council would not consider the inclusion of items that restrict clear access, create any safety hazards, or promote activities contrary to the Local Law 2019 (such as parking on the nature strip area)”.
The aim for a final draft document of the proposed survey be prepared prior to the end of the 2020/21 financial year.
“Following closure of the survey, a draft document will be developed for the purposes of further public consultation, prior to being considered by Council for adoption,” the spokesperson said.
To have your say on the future of your nature strip, head to the Council website on www.haveyoursay.moorabool.vic.gov.au and click on the Nature Strip Policy and Guideline tab.